Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hello, Be Prepared to Hate Me

Be prepared to hate me, but I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Colleen and I am both Jill's sister and Cindy's Mistress. I don't know if I'll set up my own blog. It kind of appeals to me, but I am already starting to worry about the time commitments. I am so excited about college that I don't want to waste the time sitting over a computer typing. We'll see.

I love Cindy and dating her is definitely something I was never prepared for, but by trial and error I think I've figure out how to be a stern mistress and a loving girlfriend at the same time. It is so much fun!!

The chastity belt is staying, but don't feel bad for Cindy. I gave her a choice. She's dating a horny 18 year old girl whose exploring her own sexuality---me! That means little Cindy will be getting plenty of attention. The chastity belt I put on her is extremely expensive and also gives her a totally flat front, which is real useful.

I enjoy sharing her with you, but just remember this is my kink and not your fantasy. If you think I'm too mean or too nice, I'm sorry, but that's my prerogative. I'm going to do things to Cindy you won't like--nothing permanent, but she's my toy and I will play with her. I'm not going to break her though. I love her too much.

I also am an important part of Jill's life. This past week, I outed Jill kind of to our mom and to a lesser degree to our dad. My parents are actually really cool and Jill's experimentation isn't really that big an issue. Jill had reached a part where she couldn't hide how feminine she had become and I didn't want that causing her to avoid our mom and dad. At first she thought I was the biggest bitch for doing it, but she thanked me later. Mom and dad don't know everything, but they do know she's experimenting with crossdressing. I'll let her tell you the rest. They know she's dating Kristine so they don't think she's gay, but then again they really wouldn't care as long as she was happy.

I had her model some of my mom's old 80s clothes for her and her wedding dress. Dad didn't see that part, which may have been too much too soon, but mom though Jill was really cute and said she Jill looks like one of my aunt's.

That's it for now. I hope you don't hate me too much now. I promise you Cindy's in good hands and in good handcuffs too. Yee-haw!!


  1. I won't hate you. I'm just hoping you'll be prolific (sp?) with your posting, or that you'll push Cindy to post more often. Have fun and share and we'll all be happy. At least I will be. Lgb

  2. I do not hate you. I credit you for breaking through much of the censoring that has been part of the blogs from the start. I did get on Cindy for agreeing to wear the belt. That doesn't mean I have anything against you for doing it. I priced it and yes it is very expensive. This is your game, but I think you want feedback. I am not a cheerleader and I will sometimes take the sissy's side. I hope you continue to post even if it's just guest posting on the existing blogs.

  3. So very nice to meet you Colleen. And there would be no way to ever hate you... You are an important part of young Cindy's life now and I anxiously look forward to reading about how you both control and stimulate Cindy. She, and in some ways you, are starting on what may be a very wild ride!!

    I look forward to hearing about Cindy adapts to the Seo Steel Shemale device.... Just typing those words makes my panties a bit moist