Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So, where was I?

It seems that some ideas that came out of one of the blogs, may be making things tough. They've told us that as soon as they get the rules set and find a way to make it fair for Amber, they will be putting us through a series of sissy contests. Colleen has talked about taking me on a double date with her and 2 guys so she could watch me squirm. Things are getting tough I have to admit. I'm exhausted now after a long day of shopping and a night of modeling new and old outfits. I may have a line on a job. I will tell you all about it later.


  1. At this point I'd like to see a picture of you
    in guy mode. It would seem that that would be
    harder to pull off.

  2. This comment is for Colleen in response to your double date. (I still caanot comment on Sissyville. she said she was mean.

    Mean? Sounds like a perfect evening for a sissy. Letting him choose to let a guy's hands roll all over her while she opened her mouth for him. Then taken to bed by you still in her lingerie. I wonder if he is going to claim she wasn't turned in his arms.

    Double dating sounds like a great idea. Maybe next time you could go to an amusement park. She can cheer on the boys as they try to win you both a stuffed animal. There would be lots of chances for her to wind up in his arms on rides. Maybe there would be a tunnel of love.

    Even better, you and Kristine double and leave the girls at home for a pajama party. Stop by and introduce them to your dates. They could serve homemade fudge or cookies. Let them snuggle in bed together (Amber too) in their baby dolls watching a sissy movie. I wonder if she would be dreaming about being in your arms or the guy's arms.
    I would love to hear your coomments too.