Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I'm back and settled in a bit. The news of Wendy's wedding still has me floored. I'll discuss it more with her this weekend when I have my next appointment. In some ways having Colleen here in the Fall will be a huge improvement, in other ways it's going to be really difficult. Jill is even more confused by having her baby sister with tremendous power over her. I promised some answers, so here you go:

1. Were you actually having a good time or was it just an act at the BBQ? It was really embarrassing to be there, but of the people there I really only knew Colleen so that made it a bit easier. I guessed I'd say I started out acting like I was having a good time, but by the end of the party I was.

2. Can you earn more than 1 Girl Point? Yes, it just isn't easy. I find that slow and steady wins the race. My appointment with Wendy may earn me 4 points. Agreeing to be a bridesmaid earned me 2.

3. How did you get such realistic cleavage? The key in this case isn't breast forms, it's the less is more theory. Basically, you're only seeing a bit through my arms, which tape helped to make appear a bit fuller. You'll see the rest of the pro pictures soon.


  1. Cindy,
    I just found this blog and the others a week ago and finally finished reading all of the older posts and comments. All three of you are very beautiful, but you are so elegant in your yellow dress, the playboy outfit and when you were on the red couch with black Capri's and tank top. If I looked that good as you, I'd forget about being a guy and get on hormones and scheduled for SRS. You make a beautiful woman and should continue on the road to femininity......Dania

  2. see you in September- Four Seasons

  3. Three weeks? Hello....(hello)....(hello) Whats going on? You're killing me here. LGB