Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Day Off?

As you know, Jill is working pretty close to full time it seems at the restaurant this summer, while I am serving as maid for 5 apartments and undergoing a crash course in femininity. I'm actually probably getting more instruction that Jill ever got. It's gone past doing my own makeup to being given a scenario and creating a look for that scenario. If I'm going to class in the daytime, I'll have a light fresh look, but an evening date will require me to spend a half hour just giving my eyes the right smokey look.

Today was supposed to be an off day without an apartment to clean. A brief discussion of a wedding that Amanda will be in later this summer, turned into a trip to the bridal shop for Amanda, Heather, Sheila and I where I played the part of a bride to be browsing wedding dresses and the girls were my maids of honor. They've done this before mostly with Jill, but last time Heather went home she borrowed her sister's engagement ring--bad breakup, cheap ring, so she was happy to give it to her. When I slip on the engagement ring, it sort of adds more credibility to the story. I don't think I've always been able to pass in the bridal shops, but people have always been most friendly as long as the girls don't crack up too much. This afternoon was spent browsing and trying on a lot of white lace. Not quite how I expected my day off to go.


  1. Amazing dress , You look absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I hope your barbecue was a success. I assume nothing blog worthy occurred. You said you're cleaning five apartments. I can only come up with four unless Heather and Amanda got separate places. Are you cleaning one of the boyfriend's places? You mentioned Karen's boyfriend treats you OK. Are you around many guys that are aware of your sissy status? Do any of them tease you or have the girls protected you from any abuse? After reading Jill's latest blog, I feel there is quite a bit you aren't sharing. I realize it can be embarrassing, but this is a blog about sissies dominated by women.

  3. Cindy that picture is adorable. I used to that with my friends in college. We would all take turns "being the bride". Lot's of fun! I am so glad that the girls are letting you see into a girl's world. Can you see staying a girl after their experiment is over? Will it ever be over? Are you getting a degree with "Cindy"'s name?