Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Working Out

I've signed up at the gym. Heather wanted a workout partner and decided I fit the bill. She's actually working on a program for me--light weights and heavy repetition. She has warmed me that I'll be more toned, more flexible, and leaner. The idea is that my workout will just make me even more feminine. I don't know if it's possible, but I did notice guys checking me out when I was on the elliptical machine today. It seems like one more indignity. I see guys lifting weights and know that it isn't for me.


  1. Actually Cindy, while the weights may not be for you, "THE GUYS lifting weights" are for you. All those muscles flexing and straining are all trying to impress pretty little girls like you. Enjoy it.

  2. Cindy? You know? With an attitude like that, I wouldn't be surprised to find a belly piercing in that cute, and soon to be flatter, tummy of yours...then the boys will definitely be checking you out! You should feel lucky to have a dedicated partner to workout with! You can moivate each other and still play with the boys minds! ;)

    BTW - high reps, low weights + an aerobic workout is fantastic for burning calories, increasing your metabolism, and strengthening your cardiovascolar system - don't skip means, drink 64 - 80 oz H2O/day. You might even check out the miniskirt workout in July's GLAMOUR for inspiration. Yoga and palates are fantastic low-impact exercise variations to work on flexibility, very critical when playing twister with the boys, and piece of mind. Have fun hun and don't whine, "It seems like one more indignity," it's very unbecoming.

  3. Thanks for the update Cindy. Actually, the gym sounds like fun. Perhaps, Heather will have you taking some yoga lessons soon. I seriously doubt that the workouts could make you more feminine, but we shall see. It must be interesting to have to change at the gym, or is that not permitted by Heather.

    As to the guys noticing you on the elliptical machine, who can blame them. You are very attractive. The question is...were you also checking the boys out.

  4. Trust me - high reps with light weights will help lose weight in those areas. Fewer reps with heavy weights will develop the area. I wonder if there are additional ways to develop a more feminine physique - you have the potential of being smoking hot!

    And if you're going to be wearing clothes to show off your body, why not have a body to be proud of?

  5. Cindy, you're absolutely gorgeous in that pic. as brandy said, i wouldnt be surprised to see a navel piercing with a figure like that.

    its funny, i can relate in a way, and am jealous in other ways. part of me says "give in, you seem happy". soo many questions, im just getting around to wearing bras out under boy clothes. such an insecurity. but i digress, i do think im jealous of you. hugs,