Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello from the Road

I've been through a lot since I went home. Any hope of a rest from being feminized went out the window rather quickly. At the same time, I can't completely complain. I know you've heard about the handcuffs, and the ballroom dancing, and the photographs. However, Monday night was probably the biggest night.

Colleen chose Monday to lock me into what amounts to a modern chastity belt. I was tied up and helpless at the time, but she later gave me a choice to have it removed and I didn't. It's going to be part of the price for being with Colleen apparently.

She has told me that come this Fall, removal will require me to earn "Girl Points" and she has started that with me this week. I need 10 points to get it removed and I've earned exactly 3. 1 for going shopping on my own for new shoes, 1 for going out with an old high school friend while wearing my feminine underwear, and 1 for picking up an issue of Cosmo on my own to read. The belt is uncomfortable to wear and requires me to sit down to pee. I was doing that anyway, but I now have no choice. I am getting a bit used to it at least. For the next two weeks, don't expect me to get much chance to post. Obviously, there will be a lot to tell you when I get back.


  1. Now I am really curious ??? We must see this chastity device up close and personal !!!

  2. what chastity belt are you wearing? a CB-6000s I would guess?

  3. Dear Cindy,

    Thank you for this informative update. If you do not mind I have a couple of questions.

    1. Is your new belt a CB 2000 or similar device?
    2. You were given a choice to have it removed. Would you mind sharing the thoughts that lead to you choosing your continued confinement? I am sure they will be very interesting.

    Thank you very much.


  4. First thing, how do you create such realistic cleavage? I'm not a big fan of chastity belts for one reason. That is, you gave away your last vestige of manhood. Why would you give up your masturbation privileges? Were you experiencing some form of sissy slut delirium? Colleen now owns your orgasm rights. I try to feel sorry for you sissies, but it appears you have found your calling. I suggest you start writing her love letters in your best sissy penmanship. You should pledge your obedience and devotion. That should get you some girl points. Maybe I'm being too harsh, but you seem to have chosen a submissive feminine life.

  5. A chastity belt? Ouch! It looks like the ladies now literally have you by the balls...not that they didn't already. You might want to ask if there are activities that would earn you more than a single 'Girl Point', so you could get release a bit sooner; I have a feeling that your needs will grow more and more intense without relief, so you may want to explore ways to speed things up.

    On the plus side, your glamour shot is really quite beautiful (nice cleavage too!). You may not actually want to hear this, but speaking as a straight guy, if I didn't know who you were underneath and saw you at a bar, I would totally tap that.

  6. Cindy,

    Looking at your picture on the July 7 posting on your Mistress' blog got me to wonder how it must feel to be standing there at that barbeque in that pretty sundress, serving your Mistress' guests efficiently and politely while they know full well that you are their sissy. I truly mean no disrespect, but how did it feel? That was the second party, so you went into it knowing that they knew about you. Embarrassed to some degree, I imagine. But is it possible that you were actually having a good time? Did you feel any pride, perhaps? You sure seem to be enjoying yourself in that photo. Was that just an act?

    Wishing you well,


  7. Princess,

    It appears that you have found a soulmate! Congratulations and best of luck. I think you are in for a hell of a ride. I look forward to reading all about it!


  8. Chastity - I've had several - the CB series, basically plastic tube. a similar , different company. and a full stainless steel , with steel band between legs. That was actually fairly comfortable when fit was just right , BUT - near impossible to sit properly with legs crossed. AND hygene impossible - taking a bath OK , but the drying , not. thus - rash. AND , visual impact of smooth feminine front ... Dolly