Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shopping List

Tomorrow is the big shopping trip after class. I've been advised that I have a choice between going to the mall dressed as a girl and going to the mall dressed as a guy and then having to try on dresses and high heels. I don't know which one is going to be less humiliating. I was told today that they were sure I would be totally embarrassed today, but that I could control how much by cooperating. I do need to ask, what you would like to see me add to my shopping list.

Cindy,I think both you and Jill are beautiful. How ofen do you girls "get" together?

They've been making us pose and model together a lot this week. They've told us both that they have plans for us and if one of us screws up, we'll both be in trouble.


  1. Cindy, it's time to either climb out of the hole that you believe your digging and accept whatever the consequences of this action will be, or, accept what is obvious to everyone reading your blog, you not only seem feminine but like it or not you look like a hot girl!
    My advice is go shopping as the girl you are becoming, and with regard to something to add you your list gym clothes.
    Try and enjoy whats happening, in truth I cannot see you preventing it.

  2. Cute picture girls, definitely have to stop at Victoria Secrets and get some sexy panties and bras. Never have enough mini skirts and heels.

  3. Love to be in the middle of you two girls.

  4. Just wanted to say have a great shopping trip, you will never forget your first time.