Sunday, March 7, 2010

Makeup and Bras

It has been a tough tough weekend. I've had three trips out shopping and I'm still trying to get used to the rather realistic breasts and bra I'm now sporting. Come Wednesday I'm going to have to wear an unstuffed bra under my male clothes. I'm not really well endowed. They made Jill a C cup, but decided I'd look fine as a B. B is still very noticeable.

This morning Amanda was over at 8AM for 2 hours of makeup practice. She calls it tutoring, but she mostly just says, "no" and tells me to do it over. She fixed my makeup before she left and I'm now stuck dressed like a school girl until one of them returns and gives me permission to change. Heels have been a huge problem for me. They keep telling me that I'm shuffing like a guy, How do I make them see that I am a guy?

After this weekend, my closet has dresses and my drawers have lingerie. I should not have let things get this far.


  1. Come on Cindy,
    If you didn't have some secret enjoyment of feeling feminine, you would never have let this happen to you. Stop lying to yourself and just enjoy it. You make such a cute sissy -- be happy for that!


  2. I agree with crissi.
    Cindy you have gone past the point of no return, and your protests are now at best weak. If you had wanted to stop you would have done and just accepted any consequences. As it is you look cute and are a 'natural' just be glad for that and enjoy yourself. You have four great girls and a sister helping you to be the best that you can be.
    Do you have a lesson plan or anything to help you improve, if so can you share it?
    Enjoy yourself, and try to have fun.

  3. Cindy, would you please start giving a brief summary on your blog of the lessons that the girls give you?
    It would be good if you could explain in more
    detail what you bought while shopping; Did you have to choose any items yourself and if so what influenced your decision?
    How do you plan on hiding your bra on Wednesday?
    Have you decided (or been informed) which one you will be wearing?
    You have come such a long way in such a short time, just think it all started with a cute red dress.

  4. Cindy
    If you want to learn how to walk in heels, there are a couple of videos on youtube go and search by walking in heels. However, there is another and you will learn real fast. That would be go find a redneck bar while dressed to the nines. Once there in your worse manly voice instead of a proper sissy gurl voice. Have some one drop you off and plan to pick you up about 2 blocks away. Go into the bar and yell out something provactive like Hey you fags who wants a piece of my tight virgin ass? Running in heels will teach how to walkin then in a big hurry. It has to do with putting the heel down first and keeping the weight on the balls of your feet(just behind your toes). Be happy that you are learning how to wear heels and have the joy of wearing then. Way to many are to proud and afraid to try them. Remember how sweet and sexy it helps to make your legs and butt. i hope you bought lots of short miniskirts to show off those legs and the swivel of your tightening butt. Remember always wiggle wiggle and giggle for the boys they are nothing but a bunch of horny hound dogs that would like nothing better than to use your butt:).
    FYI Cindy LOOK IN THE MIRROR. YOU ARE A SEXY SLUTY GURL. The closest you come to being a guy is a Ladyboi. Maybe go visit some of those sites to find the real girl that you are. We love you better as a pretty girl, then that gay fake punk gangsta. Maybe if you are really good and keep working out you can grow up to a C or D cup. A girl's breasts always grew as she matures. Kisses sweetheart.