Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bra Day

Today was bra day and no this isn't how I looked going to class. Even though the thermometer edged 50, I was still able to wear a light jacket and a heavy shirt and keep the light blue front clasp bra hidden. I didn't have any say in what bra I wore, but they didn't go out of the way to pick a tough one. I was very conscious of sitting in class and wearing a bra and matching panties as well as pantyhose. As each item has been added, I've felt more and more trapped. Everybody seemed to snap my bra at some time or another. Heather kept tracing it on my back with her pen cap. It was a pretty exhausting day and tomorrow it'll be another bra and another difficult day.


  1. Stephanie CD Texas says:

    I think its lovely that it is bra day for you. I think a bra is so necessary for ur sissification. Bras and panties are the basis of ur sissy self.
    I think its so lovely that u hate it now. My prediction is u will love and worship bras and panties when u let go and become a true sissy. And you will let go. She She and the girls will see to it im sure.

    Stephanie Crossdresser and Sissy from Texas

  2. Congratulations on your first full day in a bra Cindy. How long do you think it will take for you to become used to wearing one? Did one of the girls help you adjust them to get the right fit? What's your favorite bra that you currently own, I know it would be easy to just reply none, but there has to be one that given a choice you would prefer? Do you have a room mate at college and if so what do they think of your current dress code?
    I hope you had a slightly more comfortable day today, but if not there is always tomorrow :-)

  3. Stephanie cd from texas says:

    I been looking at this pic for the last few days as I check ur site, and I have decided I love this pic. The bra is beautiful and the tank that is see thru makes it look so sissy and femmie. Your makeup is hot kinda on the raw side but very girlly and sissy. I think you should consider wearing this out maybe with a tight pair of girlly jeans. xoxox Stephanie cd Texas

  4. You look so cute in your bra and that pretty top. I was raised a girl so I remember getting my first training bra and all the femine things that went with the passage into womenhood
    sissy jenny

  5. Stephanie is right on with her assessment. The combination is perfect for a spring day.. I'm confident the guys would be all over you Princess!!

    Such a lucky girl