Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's Happening So Fast

Today, I had to show up for class in pantyhose. 10 minutes into the lecture, Jill brushed her hand up and down my leg to check. There was a lot of note passing in class today. This weekend they intend to take me shopping. I feel like such an idiot to be trapped this way and I keep digging myself deeper and deeper. I've also been instructed that we're going to need to find me some breast forms so that my clothes will hang more naturally. Onto the questions:

Hello Cindy, You don't seem to happy being able to spend time with 4 beautiful girls, who seem to be hard working bright and very helpful and supportive of you? I'd have thought it would be great spending time with them and Jill? In your first post you said "I've been in panties all week and I had to purchase most of them myself." where did you purchase them and what styles fabrics and colors did you decide on?

This is not something I would ever choose for myself. Walking in heels and pantyhose and trying to do everything perfectly feminine for their satisfaction isn't a lot of fun. I bought my panties at Target. They're simple cotton panties. I bought 3 packs to make things easier.

Have you started to wear long night gowns or short baby dolls yet? Once you start, you'll never want to stop!

I have not. I'm sleeping in just my panties.

Cindy, you just look hotter every time I see you. So, how do you feel knowing that guys, and gurls like me, are looking at you thinking what a hot sissy you make?

I really try not to think about that. I'm not a big fan of guys checking me out.

Cindy, you look so hot dressed as a ballerina, and your smile is so cute. I think it was nice of Sheila to teach you to dance but I'm not sure why you say that "The girls have come up with some exceedingly humiliating things to do" why would teaching a pretty ballerina to dance be humiliating?

Oh come on. You can see why wearing a tutu and dancing like a ballerina is humiliating for most guys I would hope.

Hi Cindy,
I really love your pictures, you look so beautifull all girled up. Where can we find those 50 pictures? I'd love to see all of them

Gradually the good pics will make their way onto here. They're also putting together a website to replace the one that was up. The ones online are naturally the best ones.


  1. Cindy, you get cuter and hotter every day! I'm not sure if there is an easy way to break this to you, but, there is nothing in any of your pictures that says 'male' in fact they all seem to scream 'FEMALE'!
    I suggest that you embrace your femininity and work hard on your lessons. Just relax and enjoy it.

  2. Dear Cindy, its seems that its just about time for you to face your future....your future as a Female. ~~ sissy pansy

  3. Cindy,I think both you and Jill are beautiful. How ofen do you girls "get" together?

  4. Cindy

    Shame on you, you have the attention of five beautiful girls working hard to get you were you obviously belong and want to be. You are naturally beautiful as a girl, far better than that lame little boy picture.

    Already noticed that You went shopping in the right outfit. Why haven't you already posted your shopping trip? Shame on you for making them do all the extra work.

    Who smiled more Jill or you when she checked for your pantyhose the other day? I am guessing that it was you :) :D.

    I understand why you are sleeping in your panties but maybe you should just join Jill in her bed since that is the message you are sending. Bad girl you. :)

    Especially find it all a little funny after the two of you sent two hours tied together. Who kissed who first and how long before you both started the hip dance? I think you both should ask to post some of those pictures.

    Kisses and hugs girls.

    P.S. Did either of you start stocking up on condums yet? How about when and where you going for spring break? I would love to take both Jill and you out for an evening of fun.