Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Colleen is Such a Kink

Colleen is such a kink. I don't think she can help herself. That day that I came to the realization that the more feminine I was the more excited she was. It's weird because she had absolutely nothing to do with the decision to feminize her brother in the first place--though she certainly approved. While Jill has basic freedom to dress how she wants, if Colleen is around, she'll assert her authority to send him back into a dress. Oscar night, she came over and we all found ourselves digging out our closest approximations to Hollywood glamour to watch the show, while she sat there in jeans smiling the whole time. Aaron has become a new favorite target of hers and while he's not technically being feminized, she has no trouble using her authority over him to torment him. I asked her what drew her to putting guys in dresses and she told me she loved the power most, but the fact she had such a hottie for a boyfriend had benefits too before kissing me square on my lipsticked mouth. Yep, she's a kink alright.


  1. You are one lucky girl to have such a hot girl friend.
    She is a lucky girl to have such a kinky boifriend.
    Stay happy!

  2. Are you dressing as a girl 24/7 now... are you still able to be passable as a guy?

  3. We haven't seen a nice closeup of you for a while.
    Do you use moisturizers or other skin treatments?
    Is your own hair this long? Colleen is a lucky

  4. Yep you got a kinky one there Cindy... I dunno about the chastity she got for you...


  5. Cindy, you and Colleen should look at some of
    Katy Perry's recent looks at this site:

    This will get Colleen hot to see you in somethings
    like this.