Thursday, February 17, 2011

Winter Formal

Valentines Day went great and although my present was not something I would have picked out for myself, the time we spent together that evening was incredible. I have agreed to go with Cindy to a Winter Formal Dance her dorm is having. The problem is she doesn't want me to be her date. She's been asked by a guy in her dorm and wants me to go with a guy as well. This relationship is strange, but I can't deny it is exciting at times too.

The snow is just about gone, which is pretty amazing considering how much we have had. There is nothing I dislike more than thigh high snow. Wet pantyhose and cold feet aren't fun for anybody. We never get 3 day weekends, but we do have President's Day off on Monday. I really want to get a good 12 hours sleep and I'll be running like crazy all weekend. 3 parties and some serious maid work for one of the parties. Sunday night I will be sleeping real soundly I think.


  1. You look fantastic as usual Cindy. Where did you
    get that dress? You should keep a diary of your new life and your feelings. It could be a best seller. Bill

  2. Lookiing gorgeous Cindy, would have never imagined you as a male, if I did not know well. hat kinf of Breast forms do you use? are they the swimmers where they are clear or just the regular soft ones.

  3. I still love following how you improve from post to post. Your friends really are to be commended.


  4. Are we going to find out what your present was?

    Curious minds want to know!