Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Be careful please. What you say has consequences and all of you saying punish Jill and Cindy if they don't blog more are being very unfair. We have a ton to do. I'm cleaned 3 apartments today. I also spent time practicing my walk and I'm constantly practicing this or working on that. I try posting as much as I can. It isn't easy to talk about exactly what's going on. I can barely believe it. Instead of going behind my back to Sheila and Amanda, why not give me suggestions of what you'd like to read about?


  1. It is great to have a post from you Cindy. You look great. I was worried about you after so long between posts.

    What are the plans for the summer, and how do you feel about the summer months ahead living 24/7 as a young lady.

    Always remember there are many of your followers who would have loved to be in your position. :)

  2. I forgot to mention. This photograph which more clearly shows your new haircut makes you look fantastic.

  3. I know I want to see more pics, when you are talking pics in an outfit, I'm sure you take more than one. Let's see a bunch of them and hopefully full length and sexier. I would like to see a full front and back nude, or just a garter stockings and heels ???

  4. Can we get a little cheese with that whine?

    You want topics. Let me see off the top of my head:

    1. The thing I love most about wearing girl's clothes is...
    2. The thing I love most about boys is...
    3. My biggest role models as an aspiring woman are ...

    That should get you started. Anybody else have some fun ideas? I like what you came up with Connie.

  5. Blogs are an online diary you share with followers. You're roommates with Jill. Both of you were forced into this. How's that going? What have you been practicing? What makes it difficult? Which of the ladies checked on you today? Women verbalize at the drop of a hat. If you want Sheila and the gang to think you have found your feminine side you need to master that skill. The more you share the more questions you will receive.

  6. Hi,

    Are you allowed to masturbate or do you have to abstain.

    If you are allowed do you think of girls or men.

    Do you dress as a girl

  7. SusieMaz topics remind me that you have seriously neglected Sex and the Sissy. As for topics how about,how i love it when guys hit on me.

  8. Cindy,
    That was a very unladylike whine!
    If you are short of things to write about, how about
    1)your daily routines, skin, hair makeup etc.?
    2)What you like about the clothes you are wearing today?
    3)What tasks you have been set and what have you achieved?
    4)What punishments you received and how you 'got through them'.
    5)If you did not get punished, what how did it feel being a 'good girl' that day?
    6)What hobbies you would like to take up and why?

    There are lots that we would like to hear about from you.

    You have come a long way and have put a lot of effort into becoming as cute and feminine as you have in such a short time, you ought to be proud of your accomplishments, and that fact that so many people are interested in what you have achieved.

  9. As a 'follower' and only able to watch and comment, it is great to have posts and comments like Sue's last post. It is great to have a real girl offer suggestions and comments. Sue... I love your posts on all of the blogs. Thanks for your genuine interest, encouragement, and support. :)

  10. Hey Cindy!

    Just wanted to let you know you are an inspiration to many people who would trade places with you in an instant! By this time, you should realize that you are in this for the long haul, so make the most of it! You are learning to look at women through their eyes and to see them as more than just entertainment for your personal enjoyment. I bet you don't "rape" women with your eyes anymore, especially since it has happened to you now more than once! ;)

    Have you gotten your summer clothes yet and if so, what are they? What swimsuit(s) are you (or will you be) wearing? 1- or 2-piece? Tankini or bikini? I saw how you have been working on your tans lines on the patio, so will you be wearing the same suit or were you wearing a "tanning" suit for just that reason? Have you purchased breast forms you can swim with them or have you not thought that far yet? You do realize the typical silicone and foam forms won't work in the water, right?

    Do you get to wear girl's jeans and if so, what are you fovorites? What brand/style of jeans do you feel the least comfortable in because of your panties or tan lines? Are you wearing g-strings and thongs or boyshorts? Do you wear a gaff to smooth your front, do you tape or do you just tuck? Have you cemented or used strong adhesives with your breast forms or do you rely on just tape? Have you or the girls thought about taking hormones or testosterone-blockers or is this just a "temporary" thing (4-years of college is temporary, hun)? Are you taking prenatal vitamins to strengthen your nails and make your hair grow faster or are you just taking a multi-vitamin?

    See? Subjects for you to blog about! All you had to do was ask! Share Girl! I am fairly certain I would not be incorrect in saying, "we" are all looking forward to seeing and hearing more of your self-discovery! Any ideas on how you you will be styling/coloring your hair when it gets longer?

  11. How about talking about the people you interact with during the day. If you're dressed as a girl, are you passing? Or do you think they're reading you? How do people react and respond to you? Like the Others have said, theres lots to talk about. LGB