Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Homecoming went well, but it was pretty crazy. My date didn't know about my gender, although I got the feeling he really wouldn't care. I got the impression he might be a bit bi and I seemed to be there as arm candy and companionship as much as any hot and heavy romance. That was fine with me and I didn't have to worry about groping hands or anything. I am surprised they haven't done something with the Homecoming photos, but there's at least one picture for you. As you can see, I had a very curve hugging dress and had to wear a padded pantie to really make it work.

My grades are outstanding right now. Midterms were poorly timed, but I did well, even more so on the paper that I had than I did on the tests. I'm doing Thanksgiving with Jill and Colleen this year and I'm a bit nervous. Things are going well for me at work too. I've gotten a lot more relaxed with what I have to do and the discount has certainly expanded my wardrobe.


  1. Wow! Beauty, brains, a dominant girlfriend,a great job. You have it all. Enjoy!

    Thanksgiving with Jill and Colleen's family. Are you going as a guy or a gal? As Jill's roommate or Colleen's squeeze? O well, just follow Colleen's lead. Look where it has gotten you this far.

  2. Hi Cindy,

    Just wanted to say that you look absolutely gorgeous in your Homecoming dress. It really does accentuate your highly desirable feminine figure. I can't believe your date wasn't all over you!

    Well done on your grades too.


    sissy isobel xx

  3. You are so cute in that dress sweetie. He sure was a lucky guy to get to take you to the dance.

  4. I just want to say Cindy, where many there is much here to comment on, that I am so happy that your studies are going so well.

    That you are able to excel in the classroom at a time when there are so many ... unique pressures ... in your life, says a great deal about you and your potentials.

    I hope you know more clearly now, then ever, that you are bound to do truly great things in life. Quality is internal, not on the surfaces, and as beautiful as your surfaces are, you are made of great stuff.

    Keep it up!


  5. Thanks for the update. You look fantastic in the picture! Glad your grades are so good. How is Jill doing with grades?


  6. Congratulations on the outstanding grades, Cindy! With all the other stuff you've got going on that's still what's most important. Would you like to tell us your major?


  7. Wow Cindy! Absolutely stunning! You are one of my current inspirations - your bod is to die for, your grades are top-knotch, and your wardrobe is sinfully delicious...as are the men and women you attract. ;) I just set a goal to have a bod as yummy as yours by April. :)

    Keep Inspiring People Girl - There Will Always Be Another Door Opened to Those Willing to Venture into Unknown Realms! ;)

    Season's Greetings Babe! XOXO