Monday, September 13, 2010

New Job

I got a new job. They tried to do with me what they failed to do with Jill, namely give me a job that would embarrass me. I think they have succeeded although there won't be any guys involved. I will be working at a woman's clothing store whose name will remain our little secret. The boss knows I am a guy, but believes I am a transsexual. She has seen me and has told me as long as I maintain a professional and feminine appearance we won't have any problems even if somebody reads me. As is the case with Jill, there are several girls there who know the truth and know me from when I was just starting to build up my wardrobe. They have assured Colleen that they will report anytime I am less than 110% feminine at work and have promised me that we're going to have a lot of fun on our lunch breaks and in general. It took a long time to find a job. I was looking for awhile now.


  1. Well, Cindy, maybe they will "fail" again in your case, if failure it really is in Jill's case. Perhaps it will occur to you after a while that working as a saleswoman in a women's clothing store is really nothing to be ashamed of, and once you get confidence in your feminine presentation you may find that there's nothing to even feel embarrassed about!

    It will be interesting to see how many of your co-workers are encouraging and helpful, and whether any are truly hurtful rather than just playful with you about your situation. If I correctly understand Jill's posts regarding her waitressing job, everyone at her restaurant has been supportive or at least accepting.

    Of course you know Ms Colleen and your other mistresses infinitely better than I, but I suspect their practice of setting you sissies up to be embarrassed is their way of encouraging you to advance your feminization in order to eliminate that embarrassment. I doubt very much right now that they look at Jill with anything but pride. You too!

    I hope you'll post a photo soon of you working at the store.

    Wishing you well in your new job,


  2. Congratulations, you have made many of us jealous because you have the job we dream about. Working there while being dressed very feminine is probably on the top of the list of most tg fantasies and dreams.
    I hope you learn a lot and enjoy working there. Be sure and give special service to all the pretty girls. You are so lucky. 8-)

  3. wow u r so hot i would ask u out in a heartbeat

  4. Your new job sounds so exciting to us who
    wish we were in your place. Good luck with it.
    When was this picture taken. You seem to be
    beyond this stuff now. It's cute though.

  5. You lucky girl, that has been my dream job being employed at a woman's specialty store.
    To be able to work dressed as a woman, shop as a woman and live the rest of my life as a woman. If only I could survive on what I would make working as a woman.

  6. Love the outfit. That is the naughty school girl to the extreme. I'd think you would have a few men in the store. Some guy on a gift giving mission or the possible cross-dresser. I wish you luck. Dealing with women on their turf will test you.

  7. Nice outfit! You look damn good in that. If thats what you wear to when you're being a maid, I'd hire you in a heartbeat! Just how is working at the clothing store going to be embarrassing? Unless its the girls you're working with thats going to cause the embarrassment. Good Luck with the job and make sure you tell us all about it. LGB

  8. Congrats!
    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

  9. GL with your new job, hopes you will learn to like it and not be embarrsed about it.

    And rember dont spend all of your earnings on cloths :)