Sunday, January 30, 2011

We're In the Army Now

I got a call last night from Wendy's maid of honor. She's another hair stylist and they've apparently known each other forever. Gina immediately laid down the law to me that I was a very lucky guy to be chosen to be a bridesmaid and that this was Wendy's special day--all about her not me. I told her right off that I didn't even really want to do this so I would do nothing to put the spot light on me. Rather, than putting her mind at ease, she was not happy to hear me say that. After I was done pulling my foot from my mouth, I could tell I made a bad first impression and worse, I had made a bad first impression for Amber and Jill as well.

She was calling to make sure we could come to try on bridesmaids dresses today and none of us had a very legitimate reason not to so we agreed. I actually do like Wendy, but this just seems so ludicrous to me. Anyway, Gina insisted that we be dressed elegantly and femininely to shop because while she had seen pictures of us and knew we could pass, she wanted to see just what she had to work with.

I can see why Wendy picked Gina as her maid of honor. Gina is extremely demanding and if anything isn't perfect at the wedding, Wendy will not have to to worry because Gina will take care of it. I never thought I'd be trying on bridesmaid dresses like this, but I imagine Jill was even more shocked as she has been given her freedom already.


  1. Ha! I'd heard of "bridezillas" - brides who run roughshod over everyone in the bridal party in order to make sure that Their Day is Special. I'd never before heard of a "maid-of-honor-zilla".

    Just try to keep a sense of humor, and you'll get through it. Don't sigh or roll your eyes too loudly around Gina, and you'll be fine.

    I guess that Jill is finding out that freedom is relative. :)

  2. I love your girly tan lines, and btw you look adorable in that dress... Go out with me?


  3. Cindy,

    Were you down south on vacation or on a tanning bed wearing your bikini? You're so gorgeous with those beautiful tan lines....Dania

  4. The maid of honor has a point. Wendy may have asked you to be her bridesmaid, but your mistress accepted on your behalf. Now, it appears this may not be something you are prepared to do. The relationship you have with your mistresses is ultimately just a game, but this is going one of the most important days of Wendy's life. If you're not up to it, then for Wendy's sake, you need to take a stand.