Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Picture

OK, I've managed to post two times in 8 days. That's better than I've done in awhile. I realized when I posted about Colleen, people would wonder if I was letting her beat me at wrestling and if I was being beaten. In answer to both questions, yes I use my full strength. Unfortunately, I'm not strong enough to take it easy on her or anybody for that matter. Also, it's just playful stuff that a lot of couples do, she just likes to end up on top. She's very feminine and in fact a lot of people would call her a girly girl, but she enjoys making me feel more and more feminine and stereotypically weaker and weaker. Things aren't going bad though. I think my relationship with her is one of the best things I've got going right now.


  1. OMG that is one of your best yet. Very nice !!!

  2. Are you going home or to Jill and Colleens for Christmas? Have your parents met Colleen yet? You do look fantastic in that picture. Merry Christmas. Lgb